As I Know I Am Able

Truth is a tricky subject to address. On one hand we want to be absolute and assured we are choosing infallible truth, that we are correct. But we all know truth can change at a moments notice. What we thought to know, could be false tomorrow. Our world is truly organic, even in the sense of knowledge. And this means change is frequent, and inevitable. If we are to exist truthfully, without lies, we must embrace change as part of our being. Just as we grow old and we may not recognize ourselves as we where the last decade, we may not recognize truth to be the same from moment to moment.

Those who truly want to know the truth, must face their own selves. The resistance to being wrong, the urge to know the absolute, the criticism of our own works. It is not wrong to be wrong, when one knows knowledge comes from mistake. Expressing oneself with the desire to know truth, truly, is a daunting dilemma for ones ego. What we have defined keeps us comfortable, yet it keeps us asleep. Each time we know a truth, there is only another waiting to awaken. One must accept this and embrace it to know truth.

In this pursuit, I am imperfect, I know I am still ego bound. I am a human, I have my body, I have my mind, I have my emotion, I have my soul, I have my own Self. Do I seek to be more than human? No, yet I do seek to know the truth. If this hurts, it must. Knowing the path of sense is difficult, yet embracing the challenge with a sense of humor and respect, I can continue. In all honestly, trying is most important. To honestly try with your best ability, in the pursuit of truth, is your own salvation waiting to awaken.

When I speak of truth I can not define what it is. It simply is. For if you find a truth to later be false, it was not a truth. If it really was a truth, it will stand as so. Truth is truth because truth is always true. When it becomes false you know that you were incorrect. You know that you have learned. You know that progress has been made within yourself when you can see and accept your own internal awakening.

Truth can be expressed in boundless ways. It shows itself in math, in correctly summing up variables into an expression which computes without fail. Maybe it may show itself in the social compass, when we find a way to enable the respect deserved by each conscious soul. Art is an outlet as well, when we hold back no longer and let the depths of our being flow out into creation. In history, there is much truth to be shown, in uncovering what truly has happened, not to bring about shame to those—or even glory—but to shine clear vision onto the past, without prejudice. When leaders go out to define our society, and clearly not just in the political sphere, there is great potential for truth to be shown, to be lit up for others.

Still, humans often go about their lives, knowing truths, yet living lies. Why this is, is multifaceted, complex. I for one, can see inside myself, in my Self—my true alignment and power. Yet I often live the lie, and continue to express both self induced and habitual actions which do not align with my truth. Yearning, we feel what we could be. We see it, we even do it, we attempt to become it. And still we walk off course. This is nothing to be hard on ourselves for. We must see this for what it is.

Those who can not see, can not be blamed for their stupor, yet they can be held accountable. Just as someone may kill in a righteous manner and latter be held in the wrong by others. This being may then agree or disagree. This now takes us deep into a realm of truth which is entirely superficial… Morality and ethics are by design misleading.

How can we exist together, in truth, without disregarding others freedom to see from another spectrum? If one sees darkness as comfort, and the other light, who is to say one is wrong? Our light of day many so enjoy, is only so brilliant because we know the dark as well. And if one finds comfort in the darkness of night, and shuns the light of day, is it false? No, it is just nocturnal. This is not meant as a tangent, only to express truth in morality—perspective—is perhaps impossible to define. In essence — perhaps in our realm, our reality — truth in our understanding of relationship is not founded in morality.

Our world, what we know with truth as we know it, is one of physics. Laws which as we understand, define our means of interaction. Dispelling what was magic and creating fact, with science and our ability to comprehend our reality, step by tedious step, full of falsehood and misguidance, we arrive at another piece of an indescribable puzzle. I believe it is simple to see, no human will ever be able to make technical sense of the physics of our reality in its full expression. At least not by means of the individual physical expression and comprehension, pending some sort of evolution or personal miracle.

Once one can see the piece by which we exist, and our limitations, we can appreciate more each piece we manifest by & in our own means. Whatever way we choose to express, hopefully by means of truth in our best ability, we contribute to our reality. When we know we are wrong, false, or off course, and continue to make these actions, especially externally, we bring further chaos to our own futures. It is not wrong to do so, it is just what you do.

There is a saying, “it is what it is.” On the subject of truth, this is true. Humanity, your own self, has little significance to what it is. It will still be. Whether we can awaken wholly as a species and stop being a plague and instead a beneficial entity to Earth, is irrelevant to reality. With ever greater complexity, we have seen life evolve. We will be surpassed, each generation will be the last of its growth.

Humanity — as a species, as an organism, and a part of Earth & the cosmos — can be a beacon of evolution or degradation. Neither is true or false. We can think only of ourselves and our finite vision, or allow our sight to expand to greater complexities and realities which we had not before known. I can not do this on my own, I am not the one to define this path. But I am one to contribute. And when I do act out of alignment with my truth, and what I know—in my Self—I am nothing but a curse to this grand universal scheme. What you know—and you know what you know—this is your path, and is your true Self crying out to be melded with life and reality, with what is truly manifesting. I may never know this creation I inhabit wholly, yet I know truth will remain always, and that I honestly tried for it in my Self and in my ability to express as I know I am able.

Truth is your own, and your truth may change, and it is up to you to continue to follow truth in your Self, to grow its awakening and nurture its expressions.


Max Dykstra 2018

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