Browser Addons / Extensions For Privacy, Security & Anonymity

Protect your digital presence with the best addons for Firefox, Opera & Chrome.


uBlock Origin


Ad/Track/Malware/Social blocker. Select the lists that best suite your needs. Ability to block WebRTC leaks with a friendly checkbox in the settings. Careful because there are two versions, +Origin being lighter and widely accepted as superior.


Https Everywhere


Attempts to redirect any available resources through HTTPS for additional privacy and security.




An awesome concept, it provides your own local copy of many common libraries, preventing unnecessary access to third party servers and reducing exposure.


Privacy Badger


Uses machine learning to build its own rule sets to block any domains exhibiting tracking related behaviours. Arguably can serve as a back up and teacher for other blocking applications.




For the tech savvy and those who want ultimate control, provides fine control over precisely what your browser chooses to access.



Provides spoofing or blocking of the canvas element in Firefox, often responsible for many fingerprinting techniques.




For the tech savy: A new up and comer, allows precise individual control of certain advanced features, have a look through its extensive options. Make sure you test the more advanced settings to ensure they work with your browser, as there seems to be some bugs to work out still.

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